Tuesday Knights

Forge of Fury

Session 1

Kylo Wren (Reapers Guild), Icarus (Gloom Stalker Guild), Anduin Wrynn (Golden Hawks Guild), Sly (unaffiliated), and OneEye (unaffiliated) accepted a contract from their respective Guilds to work together. Dorgath Fireforge, cousin and last known surviving relative of Durgeddin Fireforge, the famous dwarven smith, has offered a contract to reclaim his ancestors last known hall and forge. The contract is to remove any creatures there by whatever means needed to allow Dorgath to return with his followers. The reward is 250gp per adventurer and any spoils found, with the exception of any weapons bearing Durgeddins smith mark.

The players attached themselves to a caravan and traveled without incident to the mining town of Blasingdell, about 2 days ride from the Stone Tooth, the peak that Dorgath has told them is the last known hall of Durgeddin and home of his forge. After retrieving a crude map and 4 horses from the Guildhouse, they inquired about town, discovering a party of adventurers, led by a beautiful woman named Idalla, came through 4 weeks ago heading to the Stone Tooth. They have not returned.

The party sets out the next day and travels, making camp for the night. The smell of swamp and bog is in the air, but no sign of either nearby. During OneEyes watch, the Warlock notices that there is no noise from the forest. Everything has gone completely still and silent. A blast of foul bog smelling wind hits his face but he sees nothing in the dark. During Anduins watch, it’s noted that one of the horses is missing and the others seem frozen, as if in fear. No tracks are visible by the Ranger Icarus. Following the few blood spatters into the wood, the party are set upon by an Owlbear, which they defeat. There is no sign of the missing horse, or that the Owlbear was responsible for it missing. They set out for the Stone Tooth in the morning.

They arrive at the Stone Tooth and see a switchback trail leading up the mountain. They see smoke coming from an outcropping and investigate, discovering a fissure that leads down to a fire. The party climbs down into what appears to be a kitchen. They leave the kitchen and find crates and barrels of supplies, as well as a prisoner ina cage. The prisoner is a human Fighter named Geradil whom they release and send back after returning his equipment. He informs them he was with the party led by Idalla. He doesn’t remember why they were with her, only that they really didn’t want to be but felt they must. They were ambushed and captured on the switchback trail by orcs. Idalla disappeared during the fight. His companions had been taken away during the past few weeks and are probably dead. He thanks you for rescuing him and presenting him with his gear. He climbs back up the rope and disappears into the forest to make his way back to Blasingdell. Moving west toward a light source, the party engaged orcs in a battle by a rope bridge over a deep chasm. They kill some and scare the others off. Kylo drops the final orc, but uses his healing kit to revive it and take it prisoner fror questioning.

End session.



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